Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Making casual brands grow faster

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Fast casual eateries are the Usain Bolt of the restaurant business. Like the triple-gold Olympic champ, they're not just quick, they're also super-successful and wildly popular. These regional and national restaurant chains — think Panera, Shake Shack, Qdobe, Noodles & Company, Rubio's and Wingstop — have figured out how to combine speed with made-to-order but affordable food. They're huge growth stars in the restaurant world.

But when it comes to data, many are stalled.

Why? Fast casual restaurant owners aren't any different from owners of other businesses: They believe data has its place, but they're convinced that nobody — and certainly no software program — could ever know their business better than they do. They trust their gut instinct honed by years of experience. Because when it comes to running a profitable restaurant, they'll swear nothing tops time in the trenches.

Improving successes, preventing mistakes

But data science is changing that view. Terms like "predictive analytics" and "data-driven insights" are becoming part of the smartest restaurant-business conversations. True, for decades, restaurateurs had to rely on instincts and experience. Today, it's both possible and essential to get outside, unbiased, data-driven information about the present and future of your business. In fact, owners can no longer afford to just trust their guts. Here's why: As you build experience, you inevitably also build up biases, whether they're about the "best" people for servers or which dishes "always" sell. However, even once-valid biases eventually go out of date, and intuition simply isn't reliable. Pause and think about how many mistakes you've made when relying on your gut instincts, as much as you'd prefer to forget them. Continue reading at FastCasual

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